Thursday, July 27, 2006

GaIDI becomes a Committee as of June 20, 2006

As of June 20, 2006, our Gender and International Development Initiatives (GaIDI) work group was deemed a Committee. It is of great honor and privilege to us that the Steering Committee, chaired by the WSRC Director, Dr. Shulamit Reinharz has endorsed this decision. That GaIDI reached this rung in its ladder of success does not come as a complete surprise. Some of GaIDI’s achievements in its nascent yet fruitful year have been:
  1. The GaIDI blogspot has had phenomenal international reach. We have received comments and suggestions from diverse corners of the globe - Pakistan, Burkina Faso, United Kingdom
  2. A strategic partnership was established by GaIDI with the Gender Working Group/Sustainable International Development Program, Brandeis University’s Heller School for Social Policy and Management
  3. GaIDI Scholars played a key role the 16 Days of Action Against Gender Violence at Brandeis
  4. GaIDI Scholars continue creative research and outreach in locations as diverse as Cuba, Vietnam, Burkina Faso, India, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Bangladesh
  5. Success with diversity: bringing gender, geographic, generational and topical diversity to our gatherings

As a Committee, GaIDI’s plan involves:

1. Deepening and expanding our strategic relationship with the Gender Working Group at Heller and other Heller entities 2. Exploring and supporting gender mainstreaming at Brandeis 3. Boosting visibility of WSRC's international work 4. Continuing to support WSRC diversity initiatives

GaIDI will explore helping engender other Brandeis portfolios and courses, for example, with the Anthropology Department. The "mainstreaming" of gender across disciplines might be boosted using new approaches and with fresh impetus. GaIDI's partnership with Brandeis will be further enhanced. The Committee will seek beneficial relationships with other Waltham entities such as independent film makers at Moody Street, like-minded private entrepreneurs, professionals and NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations).