Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Celebrating Women's Days around the World, Year round

Inspired by the United Nations International Days, GaIDI just launched a series of photographs celebrating women's causes around the world, year round. The seeds of this idea were sown by WSRC Director Shulamit Reinharz, while GaIDI's Founding Convener Brenda McSweeney along with Visiting Scholar Rajashree Ghosh and the support of GaIDI Members and photographer friends took the next steps. From the outset, it was proposed that the photo series represent Scholars' passions! A wall at the WSRC premises on the Brandeis University campus was designated for this purpose. GaIDI and other WSRC Scholars were then asked to choose an officially designated day that captures a cause that they feel strongly about and contribute a photograph (including a woman). Growing numbers of poignant photographs are appearing on the wall for viewing. Each contribution is captioned with the name of the photographer or artist, the International Day concerned, a short description of the compelling cause the photograph depicts, and the Scholar contact to facilitate an ongoing interaction on these global priority themes. To view some of the photographs submitted, do visit :

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